Sunday, 3 June 2012

craft room storage ideas

these are some pictures for different craft room storage ideas

and don't miss the last one ;)

this one is from " the original scrapbox". 

 really like it and I wish if I could have it,, unfortunately the company is only deliver to America and Canada  

you can visit their website for more information 

please don't leave without  ur nice comments ^^ 


  1. You have a wonderful blog. This is really worth to read and it helps a lot of people to learn new information. Please keep on posting. Thank you.


    1. thanks dear for stopping by. I appreciate that really ^^

  2. Thank you for the photo ideas. We live out in the country and build all our own furniture - so these photos are very helpful. I need a sewing table that will accommodate my sewing machine and serger - so I like the third photo down of the pink room with the u-shaped desk. I also like the blue craft desk with the wallpapered background - I will use that idea for the closet in the room - but as a standing height desk instead of a sitting desk - unfortunately a necessity as an option in my craft room as I get older!!!! :-) Thank you so much for putting the work into the website many of us wish we could do!!!!

    1. your most welcome dear. I am aiming to make my blog useful so any one can benefit from.